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Rotating brush for short hair: all useful information

Short hair may seem easier to manage than long hair, but this statement may not always be correct. If, for example, you want curly hair or more voluminous and even full of waves, short hair can be difficult to achieve. These can be avoided with a convenient and practical tool: the rotating brush for short hair and the quietest hair dryer. Each one can have a different power, and all

Mitika antiage and time passes smiling!

Hello mothers, today I feel particularly happy, exhausted but happy … time passes the daughter grows and the mother gets old and the camera reminds me of the passing years … nostalgia for youth ?! Maybe a little, but not a little, it’s nice to see my daughter grow up, sometimes tiring, but just beautiful! She grows and blooms, I buy “maturity” 🙂 the lines of her face are marked

Magic ArganOil Nook. A spell for your hair.

Like all fairy tales, let’s start with “Once upon a time …” Once upon a time, a young girl with long hair liked to indulge herself with extravagant cuts, colours and hairstyles. She never stopped, every strange idea that came into her mind put it into practice. But between curls and cosmetic products, the poor girl found herself having to face the evil split ends, the perfidious frizz and their

Kevin Murphy PLUMPING thickening of the hair to skeptical proof !!

Hello everyone! today I want to talk to you about a line of products that I have been using for a month or so I am talking about PLUMPING WASH and PLUMPING RINSE, BODY MASS products that help the thickening of the hair and stimulate its natural growth, energy bombs! Like almost everyone, I also took the beautiful fashion influence this winter, which was resolved only with a good dose

Sun and sea? Protect your hair with solar products on Davines.

Aloha friends! the heat begins to be felt and the desire to go to the sea increases more and more; in fact many of you right now will be packing your bags to go to the beach, thus starting their holidays .. but are you sure you have packed your solar products suitable for protecting your skin and your hair? It is known, in fact, that the sun, sea salt

Dear Barba, I’ll take care of you!

Sometimes wild sometimes elegant, sometimes annoying, sometimes pleasant, sometimes short, sometimes exaggeratedly long. The beard with its many differences distinguishes make the face unique of every man even in best light up makeup mirror.


Good morning! Today we are talking about an e-commerce store that is now a reference point for those looking for high-end hair products, primarily Davines and Moroccanoil: Hairstudiogianni Hair Studio Gianni is a unisex Verona hairdresser that has always cleverly combined tradition with modernity. The store staff is always up to date on the styles and the choice of products thanks to the continuous updating courses at the best academies

Perfect fold every day with Davines Your Hair Assistant!

The Davines styling revolution ” YOUR HAIR ASSISTANT “. It facilitates the creation of any type of look with professional makeup mirror with lights and ensures long-lasting results.

The Nook styling is Artisan..Fun and genuine

Here we are … I am ready to make you discover a new line, rather than discover, you will want to eat it. I present to you the new Styling line of the Nook brand. ARTISAN! Created for creative hands and ironic minds. The Artisan line was designed for versatile use, to support the creative work not only of the professional but also of all of us, who want to

The new Moroccanoil Anti Crespo formula.

No more messy hair !!!! From today we will no longer have the problem of frizzy and rebellious hair thanks to the new Moroccanoil Smooth products !! Thanks to the research of new products and innovative techniques, Moroccanoil develops a new specific line for frizzy and rebellious hair. ” Smooth Moroccanoil ” enriched with argan oil, argan butter (an ultra-nourishing ingredient) and coconut fatty acids. These products make untamable, docile

Curly tan SESSION SPRAY kevin Murphy!!

I am Eleonora and I am the new entry of this beautiful blog. Like my colleagues Marta, Lara and Claudia, I too have a passion for hair especially for everything related to curls, hairstyles and weaves. What I like about all this is the fact of being able to share with you many tips and headers on the use of products to reinvent hairstyles and never be banal. Today I

Nicole Calhoun

Don’t forget to watch yourself ever! In any situation, at any age, you will be delighted if you give yourself the right care.

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