Kevin Murphy PLUMPING thickening of the hair to skeptical proof !!

Hello everyone!

today I want to talk to you about a line of products that I have been using for a month or so I am talking about PLUMPING WASH and PLUMPING RINSE, BODY MASS products that help the thickening of the hair and stimulate its natural growth, energy bombs!

Like almost everyone, I also took the beautiful fashion influence this winter, which was resolved only with a good dose of antibiotics, at this point my body was quite broken and obviously my hair too. I, therefore, decided to get back on track by taking vitamins and constituents and for my hair, I opted for the LINE PLUMPING

SUPER restructuring products by Kevin Murphy


From the first wash, you will feel a vigour that starts from the skin and along the entire length of the hair, your hair is literally reborn.

I recommend two washes with shampoo using a little product, after having fizzled the shampoo will wrap a soft foam, let it act for a few minutes so that the energizing and restructuring properties of this product penetrate deeply; then continue with the balm, even for this product I recommend moderate use your hair will be perfectly untangled and fleshed out with a balsam, leave for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.

Finally, before proceeding with styling with a hair dryer and a brush, apply a little BODY MASS to a damp hair. Use it with complete calm from the skin to the length, it does not weigh down the hair. Over time, the use of this PLUMPING LINE will replenish your hair making the stem more robust, naturally elastic.

Less hair in the comb and believe me someone will notice the brilliance and body of your hair.


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