Magic ArganOil Nook. A spell for your hair.

Like all fairy tales, let’s start with “Once upon a time …”

Once upon a time, a young girl with long hair liked to indulge herself with extravagant cuts, colours and hairstyles. She never stopped, every strange idea that came into her mind put it into practice. But between curls and cosmetic products, the poor girl found herself having to face the evil split ends, the perfidious frizz and their allies: dry hair, spikes that break and brittle hair.

The poor girl, not knowing how to deal with all these frightening creatures, decided to keep her hair imprisoned in a weave and not untie it anymore until she found an effective remedy that brought back her beloved hair, as they were a time.

He didn’t know yet that, in the magical world of Nook Magic ArganOil, a miraculous magic potion was being born that, for anyone who made use of it, gave shine and shine to the hair.

After extensive research in the great realm of “Internet”, he found a boutique called top managed to find this magical potion.

The girl discovered that the Magic ArganOil line was made up of many beauty products for hair care, so she took with her 3 essential ingredients to create a powerful potion: a shampoo, a mask and oil.

Did you know that oils have magical powers on our hair? Read the article and discover the beneficial effects of natural oils for our hair.

  • MAGIC ARGANOIL Moisturizing silky shampoo. Its delicate and light formulation enriched with Macadamia oil, Keratin, gently cleanses all types of hair and strengthens them.

Ideal for devitalized, fine or dull hair. Hydrates in a balanced way the structure of the hair without weighing it down; illuminating ideal for hair subjected to frequent mechanical stress; restructuring nourishes deeply improving the appearance of the hair.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: Certified Organic Argan Oil, Keratin and Macadamia Oil ph: 5.0

  • MAGIC ARGANOIL Moisturizing mask with Argan oil ideal for all types of hair. Its intense and precious formulation nourishes and softens the hair, making it silky and easy to comb.

Ideal for frizzy, devitalized, fine or dull hair. It deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair structure without weighing it down; illuminating ideal for hair subjected to frequent mechanical stress; restructuring and antioxidant, it gives the hair a healthy and vital appearance.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: Certified Organic Argan Oil, Keratin and Macadamia Oil ph: 5.0

The Magic Argan Oil is the secret ingredient.

  • MAGIC ARGANOIL Argan oil with regenerating, antioxidant and protective properties. INTENSIVE TREATMENT

Ideal for treated, dry, damaged, dull, frizzy, devitalized hair. Ideal for SPA beauty treatments and rituals. The intensive action treating oil is designed for hair that undergoes continuous treatment or stress, both mechanical and environmental; regenerates the structure of the hair, reinforcing it and nourishing in-depth dry and unruly hair: it brings extraordinary silkiness and shine to all types of hair, particularly dull and dull; eliminates split ends, preventing their formation; leaves hair visibly healthy, strong and vital; carries out an anti-oxidant and preventive action against damage caused by free radicals; to dry hair, it protects and seals the hair, intensely illuminating its natural or cosmetic reflections; with wet hair it detangles and softens the hair,

The girl dissolved the long weave and began her spell. He immediately realized that something was changing. The fragrance of Orchid and Vanilla spread throughout the room, golden soap bubbles fluttered and rested gently on the girl’s hair, drops of oil slid gently over the hair spreading a radiant light. The magic was working and his hair was going back to being as beautiful as it once was. From that day, he decided he would take care of his hair and would never leave the Magic ArganOil Nook line.

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