Mitika antiage and time passes smiling!

Hello mothers,

today I feel particularly happy, exhausted but happy … time passes the daughter grows and the mother gets old and the camera reminds me of the passing years … nostalgia for youth ?! Maybe a little, but not a little, it’s nice to see my daughter grow up, sometimes tiring, but just beautiful!

She grows and blooms, I buy “maturity” 🙂 the lines of her face are marked and “small evident signs of passing time mature”! I call them the smiles of the past 🙂 in some ways I’m proud of it, but the vanity is said to be a woman and being such I ran for cover, so I tried this cream based on natural ingredients for a month, ANTI-AGE MITIKA FACE CREAM 50ML and I can consider myself fully satisfied with the result!

The FACE CREAM ANTI-AGE MITIKA has a light texture and absorbs quickly without greasing the skin. I used it on the manufacturer’s advice mainly in the evening before going to bed and sometimes even in the morning before putting on makeup and no halo problem with makeup.

After a month of use, the skin is more relaxed and my expression lines slightly hinted … no exaggerated lifting effect like super stretched skin in tension, simple tones, hydration and absolute sensation of lightness. The most interesting aspect, as far as I’m concerned, of this cream is that when I spread it around my eyes no tears, many creams I’ve tried annoy my eye and I begin to water and I have to rinse my eyes with the water. Mitika “for me, it is yes!” Indeed to stay on the subject with the third-grade exams of my daughter “promoted with full marks”!


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