Sun and sea? Protect your hair with solar products on Davines.

Aloha friends! the heat begins to be felt and the desire to go to the sea increases more and more; in fact many of you right now will be packing your bags to go to the beach, thus starting their holidays .. but are you sure you have packed your solar products suitable for protecting your skin and your hair?

It is known, in fact, that the sun, sea salt and the chlorine of swimming pools can lose the natural hydration of the hair, therefore the shrewdness to have to choose the right products in these situations are never too many. Also this year I have decided to entrust myself to the expert hands of Davines who, like the previous summer, have re-proposed the SU solar product line.

Unlike the previous one, several sunscreen products were added which are indispensable for an impeccable tan like the restoring aftersun cream and the tan maximizer. Moreover, the Davines brand, which has always used ingredients of natural origins, from 2015 uses raw materials from SLOW FOOD, an association that promotes a model of agriculture based on respect for the territory exclusively ” made in Italy “.

Slow Food is a non-profit association, which is committed to restoring the right value to the food, internationally, respecting the environment and the palate. Every day 150 countries are involved in promoting good and fair nutrition for all, collaborating with the great Slow Food association. This great company says: “Knowing the food you bring home can help the planet”, which is why Slow Food also wants to involve children in this activity, creating vegetable gardens in schools, ensuring that, through fun activities, children take care of nature and respect the environment. But let’s not get lost in small talk … here is a complete description of the solar products of the new Su line.

The after-sun shower shampoo SU hair & body wash is a delicate and moisturizing shampoo for body and hair, cleanses the hair and the body after exposure to the sun, helps to prolong the tan. It is applied to wet hair and body, massage and then rinse. Depending on your needs, you can repeat the operation.

The nourishing mask SU hair mask is a nourishing wrap that restores hydration to hair exposed to the sun. It should be applied after shampooing, leaving it on for 5-15 minutes, depending on the degree of hair dehydration. Then comb all the hair and rinse thoroughly.

The sun milk SU hair milk is a protective and conditioning product for hair exposed to the sun. It is able to protect the hair from UV rays, preserving the colour and hydration of the hair, leaving it also soft and shiny. Apply it to lengths and ends during sun exposure. You can also use it as a balm: After shampooing, apply it over the entire hair without rinsing it.

The SU tan maximizer is a soft and silky cream that prepares the skin for sun exposure, naturally intensifying the skin pigmentation process. Apply it to face and body with a gentle massage, before and during exposure to the sun. If necessary repeat the application again. This cream does not contain filters against UV rays, so I recommend you also use a cream with a protection index suitable for your skin.

The SU aftersun is a cream to be applied as after sun to moisturize and protect the skin after exposure to sunlight, giving immediate relief and freshness to parched and reddened skin. Apply it to the face and body with a light circular massage after sun exposure. Repeat the application if necessary.

I also remind you that all solar products of the Davines SU line are zero-impact and eco-sustainable, thus putting not only the well-being of your hair in the foreground but also the protection of the environment.

I wish you a wonderful vacation between sun, sea and beautiful beaches.

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