The Nook styling is Artisan..Fun and genuine

Here we are … I am ready to make you discover a new line, rather than discover, you will want to eat it.

I present to you the new Styling line of the Nook brand. ARTISAN! Created for creative hands and ironic minds. The Artisan line was designed for versatile use, to support the creative work not only of the professional but also of all of us, who want to recreate our favourite look even at home.

Artisan is the new family of styling products, a tribute to the manual skill, the conscious use of hands as a means of expression, originality and creativity. Artisan combines research, innovation and high quality Made in Italy cosmetics.

Genuine and Authentic Products, the new Artisan Styling line has been designed to create the perfect look at all times. Embellished with natural active ingredients, plant extracts and exclusive fragrances, delicious and free of allergens, they make each product unique, unmistakable and pleasant to use. Nook Artisan products guarantee elasticity, hydration, maximum protection against thermal and mechanical stress, for high hold, maximum creativity, personalization and respect for the hair structure.

With a bit of irony, a good dose of fantasy and an abundant splash of creativity, the Nook Artisan products were created with pastel colours and playful names, as if they were sweets, macarons or sweet cupcakes to eat.

Let’s find out together:

OIL LALA ‘Artisan Nook

With mango juice and passionflower juice.

Oil no oil modelling fluid. Soft hold for flexible and natural looks. Gives elasticity, shine and volume to all types of styling, moisturizes, films and protects from heat and atmospheric agents, eliminating frizz. Natural and flexible hold


With lemon vegetable extract, aloe vera juice and peptide.

Ideal to recreate at any time a perfect “beach effect”, with a dishevelled and wavy look. Gives volume and movement to the hairstyle. It helps to amplify waves and curls without drying the hair. Natural and flexible hold.


With passionflower juice and honey.

Milk creates curls. Regenerates, revives and enhances the curl. Ensures tightness, flexibility and greater volume control. Model the styling creating soft, elastic and natural waves. Natural and flexible hold.


Orchid and honey with milk.

Smoothing cream. Designed to achieve smooth, silky and impeccable styling. It guarantees a light and flexible hold, defines the fold and protects from thermal stress, ideal for high-temperature styling. Light and soft hold.

GEGHE GEL Artisan Nook

With orchid milk and aloe vera juice.

Fluid Gel Cement Effect. Defines and sculpts creating a brilliant wet effect. It guarantees extreme control to unruly and difficult hair, respecting its structure and protecting it from humidity and heat. Strong hold.

GIN GINFIX Artisan Nook

With birch extract ginseng extract.

Compact modelling gel. Shapes defines and supports every type of hair and styling. Ideal for creative looks, unruly and rebellious hair. Gives a brilliant, compact and long-lasting appearance. Does not dry and leaves no residue. Strong hold.

PONGO Artisan Nook

With extract of black pepper and baobab oil.

Modelling paste with strong opaque/dry effect. Ideal for shaping, modelling and enhancing creative looks with a satin, “lived” and dry look.

LUCILLA Artisan Nook

With orchid milk and rice protein.

Illuminating thermal protector spray protects the hair from the heat of the hair straighteners. Creates a protective film, preventing damage due to high temperatures of plates and hair dryers. Preserves the colour of the hair.

PUFF Artisan Nook

With wheat protein and flaxseed extract.

Stylizing volume mousse. Ideal for voluminous and sensual looks. Brings support, flexibility and shine to the styling, without weighing it down or leaving any residue. Medium hold.

BRILLINA Artisan Nook

With chamomile extract and aloe vera juice.

Brilliant shining “light effect” wax. For compound and retro styling and glamorous look. Light and soft hold.

SPARKLING Artisan Nook

With soy protein and sunflower seed extract.

Creative elasticizing mousse. Extra strong hold, it gives maximum control and flexibility to the styling. Ideal for defining curls. Protects from moisture and eliminates frizz, leaving hair shiny, full-bodied and vital.

TOP GUM Artisan Nook

With carob extract and mimosa wax.

Fibrous modelling rubber. Ideal for shaping and defining creative styles, casual and uncombed looks, both short and long. Medium hold.

Enjoy, play, experiment and experience a sensory experience with Nook Artisan products.

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